Find out why Cove Park became our safe space to hold difficult conversations. BRAW Residential #1 January 2018.

Written by – Jo McLean, CEO The Touring Network in Jan 2018

I’ve had many discussions about rural touring – the joy of intimate performances; the importance of culture in rural and remote locations – community spaces which provide the back-bone of social interactions; the enduring and special relationships between performer and community; the journey by land or sea; the inspiring landscapes. The struggle…the impact.
This Cove Park Gathering was the beginning of something with a carefully chosen group of people who make things happen, and who will be working together for the next 2 years on something not yet clearly defined. Something I hope will start to break down some of the things that separate us as artists, producers, promoters and ultimately audiences.
With good facilitation It’s easier to talk, explore and celebrate the things that make us similar and different.  We did just that. Beautifully.  Back in the ‘real world’ of making things happen, it’s more difficult to be generous; to take on anothers’ perspective and run with it to create something you may not have created had you been left to your own devices.
And then even more so to examine the vibrancy of what you have created. Did it work? What did the audience make of it? Did it move them in the way you intended?


Feature photo taken by David Dunbar at Cove Park, Other photos taken by Rhiannon McIntrye.

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