The Touring Network would like to support our promoter members who may be starting to consider future bookings, to connect with any performers looking to tour in 2021. 

There’s no question that we’d all like to be in the same room as each other, living and breathing a live performance and we want to support our network to return to programming events, when they’re ready and it’s safe to do so. However, whilst a lot of our region is in tier 1 right now, the feeling amongst a lot of our network is that live events, even socially distanced, are still a bit uncertain.

But there is a collective will among our network

  • to support performers to be seen and to be paid
  • to keep their communities engaged in culture / live performance
  • to remain safe
  • to start planning ahead

So, in this interim period of tiered lockdowns and socially distanced events, we are also helping to showcase any performers who are looking at alternative ways of reaching audiences by creating a series of Collections on tourbook to share with our members, including digital work*, outdoor work, COVID-restriction-friendly work

How can I showcase my work?

1) Add your Tour on Tourbook – Not registered? find out more here

2) If you are presenting digital, outdoor or COVID-friendly work – send us a message on Tourbook with a link to your tour profile saying (“please add me to your Collection”)

3) We will share these collections with our network

We aren’t tourbookers, but do inspire and enable promoters in the Highlands & Islands to host remarkable performances in their rural and island communities.  If a promoter is interested in booking your performance – they will be in touch with you.


*We are working hard to Keep Rural Arts Live in the region, and are doing what we can to support our members to return to live programming, when government regulations allow and when they are ready to do so.  We value the power of live performance and want to encourage performers to retain their artistic vision for live, and by putting this call out for digital work, we don’t expect or wish for performers to feel like they ought to be creating digital content. This call out is for performers who already have an interest in or feel the digital domain adds to their performance and doesn’t replace or devalue their live work. 

You can read more how we can support the value of art during these times here

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