A crowdfund campaign to help world-class live music, theatre, dance, comedy and more to return to the Highlands & Islands when it’s safe to do so post – COVID



As a result of COVID-19  We know how much audiences across rural Scotland are missing the thrill of live performance and how much artists can’t wait to get back on the stage.

By donating what you can to Keep Rural Arts Live, you are directly helping world-class live music, theatre, dance, comedy and more to return to the Highlands & Islands when it’s safe to do so.

If you’re able to give the couple of pounds you would have spent on that interval pint or the £20 on a pair of tickets to a Friday night show, you will be ensuring that:

  • Any potential lost ticket income due to socially distanced reduced capacity will be subsidised, meaning professional performers and their crews will be fairly paid.
  • Tickets remain affordable for the whole community without substantial pricing increases.
  • Up-and-coming local talent get the invaluable opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the Scottish and UK arts scenes.
  • A vital part of the Highlands & Islands economy stays buoyant, by continuing to welcome the travelling companies and the money they spend in the local area in terms of venue hire, accommodation, hospitality and more

How The Fund Will Work

100% of the money raised from this campaign will be made available to eligible Corrie and Cairn members of The Touring Network applying to The Transition Fund

The fund will specifically support the cost of live performance events in the Highlands & Islands region, ensuring that fair fees for performers aren’t compromised due to reduced ticket income or higher costs incurred as a result of COVID-19.

Supporters so far

£ Amount Raised so far

So glad to support this venture. Artists and venues are the lifeblood of our country – and village halls rock!

Very important that everyone living in rural areas has the chance to enjoy a good cultural night out!

The very best of luck with this campaign – how I’ve missed live performances this year!

Our performing artists deserve our support and encouragement.

Rural touring is one of things that keeps communities alive.


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Thank you to everyone who donated to our Keep Rural Arts Live Launch Campaign.  The above names people donated £30+

I’m interested in being part of the network.

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