In 2019, upcoming Perthshire band, Parliamo will be hitting the road to tour the Highlands and Islands (dates to be announced soon) – a tour The Touring Network are supporting in partnership with University of the Highlands and Islands*.

In advance of their tour date announcement, we speak with Jack Dailly of Parliamo to get their hot take on what makes a gig a good gig, and what makes it a nose dive! 

So, Jack, be honest…

What was your worst gig?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it our worst gig, as we all have a great time at every gig. We played a gig once in Greenock where the only people watching us were the other bands and the sound engineer, and the sound engineer’s gran, but we maintain to this day that it’s the best we’ve ever played. Or maybe we’re just saying that because nobody will ever know.

And your best? 

220 people recently came through to see us play at the Caird Hall in Dundee. It was special that so many came through for us, sang along to the songs and went for it in the crowd. That’s what it’s all about for us.

Merch desk – DIY or enlist venue help?

DIY all the way. We have pals on the dole, so we can give them the job. (Don’t tell JobCentre+)

Online ticketing – what’s your take on ticket sites – any bug bears or tips?

Online ticketing is a new thing for our gigs, having only just opened a BigCartel to sell tickets. It’s a blessing for us though, as it saves having to meet people individually which is both difficult and time consuming, and I’m sure BigCartel is better at maths than any of us.

Poster designs – any favourites? Or what’s your worst nightmare?

Anything goes, really, I like stuff that’s really out there. There’s a girl called WolfAlanis who makes excellent posters, and she made the poster for City Of Vultures 3, which we played. Then I stole the poster. 

What are your top three support acts at the moment?

Neil Morrison Band are like The Doors but better. Neil’s songwriting never fails to amaze me, and a collection of incredible musicians renders this group the best of the best when it comes to Scottish rock n roll.

Perth rapper SWAINE is the best in his game at the moment. He supported us at our headline show at the Green Room in Perth back in April, and he blew the crowd away. The energy, lyrics and delivery convey his passion for his art, he’s a brilliant live act that everyone should see.

Airdrie band Hazeydays couple fun, Blur-esque songwriting with a stage energy that looks as if they’re all having the most fun in the world. They’re absolutely brilliant, some boys.

Standing or seated?

Standing all the way, nothing beats standing in a packed crowd with your mates, going for it whilst watching one of your favourite bands or artists. I recently turned 18 which means I’m getting old now, so the seating section beckons, for the benefit of my knees and back.

As an audience member – what makes a gig really special for you?

I always appreciate the artist having rapport with the crowd. A bit of a laugh in between tunes always makes a gig that bit more special.

Finally, a wee bonus question, what excites you most about touring the Highlands & Islands?

Discovering places that we’ve never been and sharing the experience together will be some laugh. Think of all the pubs we can go to.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Jack! We think you’re going to have a great time on your tour. Bear in mind, touring the Highlands & Islands can be worlds apart from touring city venues; ferry crossings to navigate, petrol stations that aren’t open 24hrs… not to mention the potentially small audiences… but it sounds like you’ll find the positives in any challenges you come up against! And we think the people you’ll meet, the warm welcome you’ll receive, and the places you’ll see will be totally worth it.


*As part of The Touring Network’s youth engagement strategy we have partnered with UHI Perth’s Music Business Course to support final year student Lauren Patterson to organise a tour round the Highlands & Islands as part of her course.

Lauren is keen to speak to any promoters/venues in the Highlands & Islands who are interested in booking Parliamo in Apr/May 2019. Find more info and contact Lauren through Tourbook here

Supported Programme bursaries are available to our promoter members for this tour. Read more about supported programme and how to apply here

If you are a non-member promoter in the Highlands & Islands looking to book the band in your local venue, find out how we could support you as a promoter here and more about membership here

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