Our new Programming Pot is an open, rolling fund for promoters and programmers in the Highlands and Islands. It ensures you can pay a fair fee to performers looking to stage remarkable performances in your community, venue, or village hall.
The Touring Network supports, represents and connects a vibrant community of independent promoters and performers who present high-quality live performance across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland – transforming remote community spaces into cultural centres and performances venues.

We help our members by delivering a package of services including networking, resources, development opportunities and funding. 


Our new Programming Pot is an open, rolling fund for promoters and programmers in the Highlands and Islands to book brilliant live shows.

What do you fund?
High-quality live performances that align with our Programming Policy.

Who can apply?
This is a targeted fund for promoters, venues, village halls or programmers based in our region (Highland, Argyll & Bute, Moray, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles, Clyde Isles and Perthshire.  

This fund is only available to Cairn Members of The Touring Network. 

The fund aims to 
– Support the touring of all genres of high-quality live performance within the highlands and islands.  
– Offer promoters a safety net to book shows or artforms that haven’t performed in their communities before 
– Stage more performances in more places 
– Ensure performers are fairly paid 
– Connect audiences to high quality live performances in the region 
– Encourage members to work together – preference will be given to shows that are part of a tour

How much can I apply for?
We offer grants of between £300-£750. Members are welcome to apply more than once per year, but we won’t ever issue more than £1000 per year to any one member. You can help us grow the Programming Pot by gifting a small percentage of the Box Office back to us, ensuring more members can benefit. 

How is the fund distributed?
As a targeted fund, if you are already a member and are eligible to apply, we will let you know. If you are not yet a member, please get in touch to find out more. 

Funds are allocated to ensure fair distribution across our network – preference will be given to new applicants, although you may apply more than once.  

All applicants will be able to demonstrate need for funds and a clear programming vision which aligns with The Touring Network’s programming policy. 

Key Dates
Our Programming Pot is currently a rolling fund, without a deadline. Awards will be announced throughout the year. 

How to apply
Please contact in the first instance to check this is the most suitable fund for you.  


total funds available £

maximum award £


Please get in touch to discuss your plans before applying. 


We are continuing to fundraise to bring more world-class live music, theatre, dance, comedy and more to the Highlands & Islands.

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