Boat of Garten / 2017

Boat of Garten / 2017

The 2017 Gathering took place in the lovely village of Boat of Garten, set amongst heather clad hills and native woodland in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. The main venue was Boat of Garten Community Hall who celebrated its 10th anniversary the same year.


Thu 9 Mar 12PM

Boat of Garten Community Hall

Welcome & Introductions


Where is it getting us? 
A presentation and discussion led by our GET IN Youth Promoters.

Just how sustainable is rural touring?

Stand Up for Sustainability
Novelist, playwright & performer, Alan Bissett, takes the floor for something that resembles part stand up, part monologue, and part heated debate.

Guide Gods

Using dance, live music, humour and interviews with religious leaders, academics and deaf and disabled people, acclaimed performer Claire Cunningham goes on a perilous quest to explore how the major world faiths view deafness and disability in this witty and illuminating show.


3 course dinner at Anderson’s Restaurant

Fri 10 Mar 10am

Boat of Garten Community Hall

Welcome & Introductions


A Selection of Excerpts from Tour-Ready Performers



A Selection of Excerpts from Tour-Ready Performers

Contact Time

Connect with each other and pencil dates.


at Boat of Garten Community Hall

GET IN Tour Launch Party

Kathryn Joseph

Drinks to celebrate the opening night of Kathryn Joseph’s Highland & Islands tour, programmed and organised by our GET IN Youth Promoters.

Sat 11 Mar 10am

Boat of Garten Community Hall

Widening Access for Neurodiverse Audiences

A workshop led by Ellie Griffiths from the Upfront Performance Network.

Gathering Round Up & the Year Ahead

A chance to reflect on the 3 days and hear about upcoming opportunities.

Farewell Lunch



10:30-10:45 – Let’s Circus

10:50-11:05 – Paines Plough – Growth

11:10-11:25 – Right Lines Productions – The Isle of Love

12:00-12:15 – Gunshow Theatre – The Gamekeeper 

12:20-12:35 – Rosalind Masson – Mus Ro Faclan Ann – Before Words

12:40-12:55 – Mary Ann Kennedy & Finlay Wells


14:00-14:15 – Indepen-dance – Four Go Wild in Wellies

14:20-14:35 – Rob Heaslip & Laura Murphy – You and Me, and You

14:40-14:55 – Regional Screen Scotland

15:00-15:15 – Iona Fyfe

15:30-17:30 – Contact Time


As a participant at the Gatherings, we’ve been able to build relationships with small and medium scale promotors across The Highlands, Hebrides and Northern Isles. These partnerships have lead to some ambitious projects and great audience response. It’s always great to work with a network that does what it should do, and does it really well!

Steve Cousins

Let’s Circus

The Gathering… acted as a brilliant introduction to many of the promoters in the area and made follow up conversations with promoters much easier. The Touring Network were brilliant at establishing relationships with venues and promoters who were not at The Gathering and were on the phone throughout the process to offer advice. With their support, we were able to extend the tour to a greater number of rural venues, which would not have been possible without this additional support!

Kit Denison

Clod Ensemble

Thank you, and The Touring Network team, for a fabulous ‘Gathering’. We have come away with such a lot of helpful information to digest and then act upon, I’m now really excited and enthused about what we can do to further develop our arts programme … lots of plans! I would just like to let you know that we really appreciate the support we have from The Touring Network, in all its forms. So thanks all!

Lucy Walsh

Craignish Village Hall

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