Case Study on Seed Fund / Sadie Dixon-Spain, The Walking Theatre Company

Case Study on Seed Fund / Sadie Dixon-Spain, The Walking Theatre Company


BY: Sadie Dixon-Spain, Artistic Director for The Walking Theatre Company

FOR: Attending a Grant Fund Writing Workshop with Truffle Pig

My name is Sadie Dixon-Spain and I am the founding director of The Walking Theatre Company. We have been delighted to be part of the Touring Network for a few years now and really appreciate the events and support the team give, even coming to see shows, which is frankly, outstanding.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, when the arts and theatre world, like the rest of the world came to a standstill, it was particularly difficult for me as the Director of an organisation that was really powering along, with 40 shows booked to tour in 2020 and a full diary, to even know where to start, in rebuilding what has been lost, not just the work, but the clients and most importantly the actors and creative team who are at the heart of what we do.

One of the highlights of this time was Bronwen at the Touring Network. She took time out to ring and see how we were doing, a brave lady at a time like this, and for me it was like a light came back on, after weeks of attending various industry group things on Zoom, most of which simply left me feeling more isolated and depressed, a phone chat with Bronwen, was a joy.

I had been working with actors on a particular idea to give some shape to a project, to move us into the next part of the year, and Bronwen was a great sounding board, and with hers and Rhiannon’s, encouragement, I actually focussed and made an application to the Seed Fund. As a Creative Social Enterprise Company, we have always been unfunded, so this was no easy task, it was the best step I could have made.

It was an incredibly easy, supported and fluid process, the application was straight forward and from being awarded support from the fund, I feel confident and able, from this first step towards working on a much bigger project.

Thank you Team Touring Network. You are doing a fantastic job and reaching people who would not be reached in the general run of things.

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