Showcase Day at The Gathering is a rare opportunity for promoters from across the Highlands & Islands and other rural areas around Scotland, to see excerpts of professional performances that are tour-ready and a variety of artforms, in a rural setting. We’re delighted to be welcoming some incredible performers this year, including these theatre shows! Click through to read more.

Make Up


Make-up is a solo show that tackles equality, diversity and inclusion issues through the story of an old-school drag artist struggling to come to terms with a scene that she feels is leaving her behind. Lady Christina returns to the green room after another performance in another venue above another pub. The man behind the make-up is tired of her and tired of metrosexual audiences looking for something a little risqué that they can tell their mother’s about. It might be time to ditch the drag, but he’s been playing the part for so long he’s not sure where she ends and he begins. This acts as the trigger for Chris, and the play, to explore what it felt like growing up in a time and place where being gay was something you didn’t tell your parents about, Clause 28 meant that homophobia felt like it came with a government seal of approval and the biggest worry about losing in a limb in the bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub was that your secret would come out. At a time when acceptance of diversity seems to be slipping, Make-up is a reminder of the prejudices the gay community faced in the not-too distant past, and an exploration of new identities forged under fire as a way of coping. Personal and political, moving and amusing, Make-up is premiering at Brighton Fringe in May and then moving on to other Fringe festivals throughout the summer. Andy Moseley – Writer/Director Moj Taylor – Actor



Spike – a dinosaur ballet
Mary Anne lives in an ordinary little town
with an extraordinary museum
Of everything there ever was!
rockets and planes
boats and trains
tigers and Sloths
butterflies and moths
but Mary-Ann’s favourite… is Spike
a wee dinosaur in a big world…
This is the wonderful story of a little girl, her grandmother and a Stegosaurus – powerfully told through theatrical storytelling and dance.

With a truly intergenerational cast, this is a show about the passing of time and stories passed that will bring families together.
Andy Cannon – Creator

The Grandmothers Grimm

Some Kind of Theatre

Cannibalism, werewolf-trials, deceit, and murder: the origins of the Brothers Grimm’s stories are dark, dangerous, and female. In a tiny study in Kassel, Marie Hassenpflug and the Brothers Grimm are trying to edit the darkness out of old stories. But as they do so, the voices of the women who created these tales are lost… What will be saved and what will be forgotten? The Grandmothers Grimm explores women’s role in the creation of the Brothers Grimm’s famous anthology. Discover a night of folk and fairy tales as you’ve never heard them before

Though This Be Madness

Skye Loneragan

“Once upon a time –
I don’t have timeHow can we nurture our collective sanity? Bouncing on a pilates ball in the Land of Lounge Room, a recovering mum is desperate to soothe her baby.
Unable to reach her sister, who wrestles sometimes with a cataract on what Shakespeare calls the mind’s eye, (a debilitating psychosis), she stitches together a quirky, playful pillow-book of tales told through poetry and performance.
The adult content from Though This Be Madness will also be shared in a daytime performance, specifically for parents with babes in arms.

With original music by Mairi Campbell & Dave Gray, lyrics by Skye Loneragan

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About Showcase Day
Showcase Day is a rare opportunity for promoters from across the Highlands & Islands and other rural areas around Scotland, to see excerpts of professional performances that are tour-ready and a variety of artforms, in a rural setting.

*Most of the showcase performances presented at The Gathering are eligible for a Supported Programme bursary.

83% of the performers who showcased at the 2018 Gathering have since toured the region, and received guaranteed fees for those dates booked by Touring Network promoters.

About Supported Programme
Supported Programme is a bursary scheme for promoters on our Cairn membership package, providing them with financial assistance to programme excellent and experimental new work in venues across the Highlands & Islands. To find out more about The Touring Network, Supported Programme and the application process head here.

*The Touring Fund
Alongside those eligible for Supported Programme bursaries, we’re also presenting 2 showcase performers who are recipients of the Creative Scotland Touring Fund: Spike/Starcatchers and Though This Be Madness/Skye Loneragan.

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