GET IN presents, the promotions collective formed out of our GET IN project, are excited to reveal their line up of performers touring the Highlands & Islands very soon.  Until then, we will be delving into the experiences of the youth promoters involved in GET IN.

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Next up is Kerry Baker a 27 year old Youthwork Co-ordinator from Bowmore, Isle of Islay who is now Graduate having taken part in the project last year.  We catch up with her….

With the next season approaching, we wanted to catch up with you and see how you have found things this year and delve a little deeper into into where you’re from and a bit about you too.

You are now a GET IN graduate, what has this meant to you, and what has changed for you – I was there from the beginning of the project so it feels like I have grown along side it and helped it become the project that it is now,  It has helped me achieve my goals and that brings a sense of achievement and maturity. Seeing the new GET INers makes you feel a bit of a oldie though!

Whats the most useful things you’ve learned so far (however small)? – The more I have progressed in GET IN, organising events and growing Island Music and Culture the more I have learned that things take time.  Patience is also important and I realised I have a lot of potential, that I underestimated greatly, and need to put to use now. It’s also good to remember there are people out there who you can ask for help and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. Asking for help is something I have always found quite daunting from bad past experiences, but I have overcome it.

Why would you encourage other young folk to get involved in GET IN? – GET IN has created a new avenue of involvement in the creative industries that you might not of thought of. You can be creative in other ways that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a musician or a sculptor.  GET IN can help you achieve this; to bring to your community and explore your creativity in different ways.

What perks have you found there are in joining GET IN?

Definitely networking, I really enjoy connecting with people and communities and I have really had fulfilment in this because I have lasting friendships and possible future partnerships in events. Being in on BBC Radio Scotland was a big perk and that was really enjoyable.

What do you hope for a performer to take away having performed at your venue? – I like the intimacy of performing in a rural place, you definitely get more of a connectivity with people and the land than performing in the city in a larger venue. I hope they take away experience, culture and a feeling of home. I think the Highlands and Islands give a sense of home in the heart and I hope it encourages them to come back and promote it so other performers will want to come.

If you could programme anyone in the world (sky’s the limit)… Who would it be and why? – This is a hard one, there is a lot of great performances out there. I have years of promoting a head so we will see what happens in the future!  

Give us a local tip for any visiting performer or audience? –  Make the experience your own. The highlands and Islands is filled with a unique kind of magic and do try the local delicacies, we have 8 of them on Islay. (Reference to distilleries!)

How important is the local community to your promoting efforts? – I have been working on a festival since 2016, patience again is key! So if any one wants to help or give their expertise please feel free to get in touch! The idea came about to bring diversity and inclusion to all people in the community because I felt not everyone was being reached and there was a lot of social isolation. This got me started in promoting and listening to what people want to see. I grew up in a Gaelic and cultured household that was close to the community and I have always kept that with me, as well as my own experience as a teenager and relating to this new generation of young people.  I think that’s what makes me different when deciding on what performances to bring, because community has always played an impact on my upbringing and I think that shows the importance of my local community in my promoting efforts.


It’s been a pleasure hearing about Kerry’s journey sofar.  To stay tuned with the announcement of her programmed performer, make sure you sign up to the GET IN presents mailing list and keep an eye on #GETINTOUR

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